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Production Company for the Dark and Strange

Featured Projects

"The Perfect Storm: The Doug Baker Story" | OFFICIAL TRAILER #2 | Motocross Documentary | 2021

"Do You See Him?" | Horror Short | 2020

INCANTATION - "Rites of the Locust" (Official Guitar Playthrough)

This action-sports documentary follows Doug for the better part of two years along the East Coast as life comes at him faster than the final lap of a moto and pushes him to a literal breaking point. Two injuries, one inspiring story. This is a snapshot of Doug’s life while caught in The Perfect Storm.



Hiding in plain sight, do you see him?

Official INCANTATION Guitar Playthrough for "Rites of the Locust" by Sonny Lombardozzi.


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Metal News | Craft Beer Reviews

Featured Guest Spots

Dr. Proctor and Death Dealer Productions Review Hot Smack's Elvira Hot Sauce

Bronze Metal Podcast Interview

CanvasRebel Interview

"I team up with one of my greatest friends Arie Lombardozzi from Death Dealer Productions to review the 2 Elvira hot sauces by Hot Smack Hot Sauce, Dread Red and Aphrodisiac Black."

- Ben "The Doctor" Proctor

Arie and Todd hop on an episode with their homies Zack and Doug of Bronze Metal Podcast

The lovely people over at CanvasRebel asked Arie and Todd of BREWTAL Podcast to discuss what it's like being a creative in today's day & age. (1/2 of the full interview)

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