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Blink of An Eye
Demo Reel 2018
There's Nobody at the Bridge Darlene Dancing
Road's End Eerie Manor Home Haunt 2017
Roads End Eerie Manor Home Haunt 2018
Roads End Eerie Manor Home Haunt 2019

For the Dark and's not a phase, it's a life style

Brewtal Podcast Cover Photo
Hauntingly Beautiful Podcast Cover Photo #2

If it goes bump in the night, makes you bang your head, or gets your heart pumping, we're here for it.

Death Dealer Productions is a full service production company looking to bring twisted visions from your mind's eye to life

Hauntingly Beautiful Podcast Promo Pic
Hell Stroll Podcast Promo Pic
The Perfect Storm The Doug Baker Story Motocross Documentary Trailer #2 Still
Incantation Sonny Lombardozzi Rites of the Locust Guitar Playthrough

Arie Lombardozzi - Head Reaper

Arie Lombardozzi DDP Owner

Shortly after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh's Film Studies program, Arie came out slashing with Death Dealer Productions. 

Since the inception of DDP Arie has gone on to make his psychological horror short Blink of An Eye and the paranormal documentary There's Nobody at the Bridge.

He is currently working on the action-sports documentary The Perfect Storm: The Doug Baker Story and will be filming his next horror short Closing Time this upcoming fall. 

Arie eventually ventured down into the realm of podcasting with his first show, Hauntingly Beautiful, which was succeeded by his current podcast Brewtal. Arie is currently in development of a horror narrative podcast Hell Stroll.

Aside from his own projects Arie has worked in various facets of the film industry doing everything from cooperate videos to guitar play throughs. Arie loves being on set and if the project is right is willing to help wherever needed.

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